The serial port adapters include electronics, which allow for connections of 1, 2 or 4 sensors. Power is provided via the USB port. If there is no available USB port, power can be provided through an external power supply with USB port (Order # 303801).

1-Port serial adapter (30201)
To connect 1 sensor to the serial port, power supply through USB (incl. 1 RJ45 connector)

34,88 Euro* (netto 29,31 Euro)

2-Port serial adapter (30203)
To connect 2 sensors to the serial port, power supply through USB (incl. 2 RJ45 connectors)

65,65 Euro* (netto 55,17 Euro)

Temperatur Luftfeuchte
4-Port serial adapter (30205)
To connect 4 sensors to the serial port, power supply through USB

132,34 Euro* (netto 111,21 Euro)

Adapters listed on this page are specifically calibrated for the sensors of the measuring computer. Sensors for temperature, humidity and dew point with alphanumeric clear text data output and connection to serial ports or USB can be found here.

(*)Listed total prices include German sales tax.
Prices for all single components are listed in the catalog.
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