The following pages give a detailed description of hardware components for the MessPC System.

These include:

- Sensors

- Adapter for serial interfaces

- Adapter for parallel interfaces

- Adapter for USB-Ports

- MessPC Ethernetbox

- MessPC Ethernetbox in 19 inch format

- MessPC Ethernetbox 2

- Accessories

A complete MessPC System consists at a minimum of one sensor, one adapter and the software, as long as the hardware will be directly connected to a PC.

Using a MessPC Ethernetbox and sensors, measuring values can also be displayed in a web browser. In this case further processing with the MessPC Software for Windows is possible.

The system may be completed with additional components, which can be purchased for example from Conrad Electronic:

Floater switch

Counter with SO-interface

Flow meter

Marker switch

Pressure switch

Measuring amplifier Pt100 (for Ethernetbox 2)

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