Hardware and software introduced here allow measuring various physical parameters, such as temperature, and results analysis over your network.

A practical example is the temperature monitoring in your server room. However, the system can be used for many other applications. We focus on simple and cost effective solutions with high flexibility.


USB-Adapter 30210 to connect MessPC sensors and switch modules

Control of switch modules 30401, 30404 and 30405 from Windows and Linux via SNMP

Recall of counters in the Ethernet box via the network

DLL for measurement monitoring from Windows applications and example for Excel, Open Office Calc, C, Visual Basic, Delphi, XProfan, LabView

Online-Help for MessPC Software for Windows

Better Message SMS Gateway with new Web site und internal Customer area

New 19 inch Ethernet box 30303 with 12 ports for sensors

Reduced S&H to 3.90 Euro, free shipping on orders over 300 Euro! Additional customer benefits

Examples for data collection with Microsoft Visual C#, Java, Java-Applet

New in MessPC Software for Windows: continuous archiving of data in one minute intervals, Visualization with GnuPlot

New Sensor 30601 (serial) and 30602 (USB) with alphanumeric Data display in clear text; Code samples for Java C/C++ PHP Python Perl TCL Unix-Shell

New Sensors for Wall mount (Temperature and Humidity)

Online-Graphs of measuring results with Sensor-Server

Digital pulse counter in Ethernetbox/Ethernetbox 2. Application example to capture Power, Water, and Natural Gas consumption

The sensors 30101 and 30106 for the MessPC Systems can now be used along with the System Management Software EventSentry

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