The MessPC system has been on the market since the middle of 2002 and is in use by approximately 13000 customers in 30 countries. Customers range from small and mid size businesses to international corporations and public institutions. The primary use is to control temperature and humidity in technical environments. Furthermore components are also used for a multitude of different functions.

The following companies are an example and representation of users and retailers:


Sector Nord AG (Snag-View)

KiXtart Internet (Niederlande)

Ulrich Winter

Blog entries:


Michele Baldessari (Italien)




Parts of the MessPC hardware are also used as OEM components by other companies. An example is the system monitor software “EventSentry”. The MessPC sensors are used to measure temperature and humidity.

Netikus (USA)

Echotech GmbH, Vienna: CustoSec is a scalable and powerful monitoring system. A wide range of customized and pre-configured plug'n'play sensors for environmental monitoring, based on MessPC sensors, are on offer.

Tests and Reports:

The periodical IT-Administrator tested the MessPC System in edition 11/2004 and published a multi page Test report. multi page Test report.

In 2003 the English Newsletter “Temperature Sensor News” reported about the MessPC System.

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The magazine ‘IT-Administrator’ has tested the PCMeasure system and published a multi-page report veröffentlicht.